2 Car MVA Head On
By Member Danny Beauvais
December 22, 2014

@ 20:02hrs Shepherds and Engine 2 were alerted for a reported MVA @ the intersection of Cornelius Rd @ Bluefield. Shepherds 557 (Fowler) arrived on location and advised of a 2 car head on collision command established and would be out checking for injuries. Mooresville Engine 2 arrived on location minutes later and began assisting with pt care (2 parties with injuries) followed by Rescue 5 with additional personnel. After care was transferred over to EMS, personnel awaited for the arrival of NCSHP and the next rotation wrecker service as the intersection was completely shutdown. Shepherds and Mooresville fire units were assignment complete and back in service within an hour.

**Photos Courtesy Of: M.Bednarik**

Units: SVFD: R5
Mutual Aid: MFD: E2